Evaluates the accessibility of any web content
With a WebAIM product calledWAVE, you can test the accessibility of any website that you wish to include in your course to make sure all of your students will be able to access it.
Deliver information for visually impaired or for aural learners
iPadio allows you to create podcasts with the phone(s) that you have registered with the service. Take a few minutes to create an account so that you register your phone(s) with the service. Then, call 1-866-488-3946 from the phone(s) you registered with, enter your pin number, which they assign when prompted, and speak! Your podcast will be recorded to your own “channel” along with a transcript and you can share it easily. Read the following to learn how to create a moderated phonecast with iPadio.
Deliver information in multiple mediums
You can register for a free account to VoiceThread hereand access a free iPad appas well.
Deliver information for visually impaired or for aural learners
FoxVox is an add-on for your Firefox browser that will speak any text you highlight in a web page. This text-to-speech program that turns articles into podcasts is free and can also create audio books.
Help with organization,

staying on task, and meeting goals
This site allows you to create visual, linear checklists for student projects as a simple alternative to rubrics.
Multiple uses
Bubbl.us is a free online graphic organizer tool that you can use to help scaffold information or that your students can use to help them brainstorm.
Audio books for visually impaired or aural learners
This a collection of audio books in the public domain, narrated by human voices.
Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary
Visual Dictionary
This visual dictionary can help students who are allowed to use a dictionary in class and during assessments (and is great for English Language Learners as well).
Multiple uses
This is a free site that allows students (or teachers) to create 3D animated movies with written text.
TrackClass is a free tool that allows students to take class notes and keep a calendar.
For students on the autism spectrum
A browser made especially for students on the autism spectrum.